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Launcher's 3D series wheel alignment system is for testing wheel parameters and provide reference of manufacturer specs. By comparing the two set of parameters, operators can adjust the vehicle wheel parameters to reasonable range, ensure the vehicle wheels are in good condition and avoid unreasonable wear and tear.

The 3D Wheel Aligner features all new three dimension computer visual measurement - an adopted high performance camera to automatically detect the alignment parameter. The equipment is pre-calibrated at production, and thus does not need on-site calibration at installation.

Now Supporting Hybrid & Electric vehicles

  • Works on all types of hoists including 2 post hoists
  • Dynamic constitute coordinate (DCC), non-horizontal test platform
  • Time saving & fast-reading during rolling or caster swing
  • One foot distance run out compensation. Rolling distance for alignment run out compensation (20'-28')
  • Adopted Smart Camera (ASC) to automatically detect the alignment parameter
  • Calibrated at production, does not need on-site calibration at installation
  • Movable from Bay to Bay
  • No electric component or wiring on the target
  • Extended vehicle wheelbase testing
  • Extremely simplified test procedure.
  • Complete parameter measurement: Capable of test of front/rear toe-in, front/rear camber, thrust angle, caster, SAI/Kingpin, wheelbase, track (thread) etc
  • Large OEM database: More than 20000 records of vehicle of all makes
  • Data history storage for client management
  • Supports Hybrid & Electric vehicles

Designed in Canada.