Global Wesko W400 to W499 Replacement Key | Canada


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Global Wesko W400-w499 series easy replacement keys for Office Furniture, File Cabinets, Desks Drawers, and Cubicles.

For missing or lost keys we make easy replacement key copies by the code number stamped on the original key or on the face of the lock.

We stamp our replacement keys with that code number for easy identification. We make keys for all major manufacturers.



There are NO refunds or returns on office furniture keys, this keeps our prices low.

If your key goes into the lock but did not work please check the following:

  • Did you order the correct key, the numbers stamped on the lock can be hard to read, use a magnifying glass or take a picture with your cell phone and zoom in.
  • Sometimes the number on the lock is wrong or the lock has been rekeyed, you will require onsite service to repair or a new lock is required.
  • If the key goes in and turns but the furniture does not lock then there is a problem with the locking mechanism.
  • If the key won't go in check and see if there is a broken key inside the lock, if so it will have to be removed or you will need a new lock.