The Cities of Kitchener/Waterloo and Cambridge, have a lot to offer whether in terms of employment opportunities, volunteer opportunities, sport and food, culture and more.  You are a family who has many interests, commitments

and a busy schedule to tend to. Nearly any free time for any recreational activities or relaxing. The image of your home is your own personal safe haven and where you go to escape the world. But imagen, having all that crashing down when you realize you cannot enter your haven because you have either lost or misplaced your house keys. Well. Not to worry! BarzzLocks is here to ease your stress and have you back to your day in no time at all. Whether you need us to pick, re-key or cut keys for your locks one of our skilled technicians will always be available for assistance.

As a reminder, do not try to regain entry into your own property as you could potentially cause damages and therefore ultimately, spend more than you would have originally preferred.

Happily, press that snooze button.

BarzzLocks Locksmith services can cut and recreate keys for you.  You can carry as many copies of your key to your home- to always have that spare for backup.  Maybe you understand it, maybe not; losing a key to your residential home can be damaging to your daily routine especially, if you do not have a copy of the key to your home on hand or with someone you trust. A few minutes of waiting might seem like nothing, but those few minutes can feel like forever when you’re in panic mode. Also, it’s great to save a few extra bucks in your pocket. Don’t wait, call and have those handy spare keys you desire and happily press that snooze button knowing that when it comes to your locksmith needs- they are taken care of.

Reminder: Only put spare keys in the hands of the ones you trust.

Burglary- It doesn’t feel too great.

Residential Locksmith Services reminds you to also not wait for the scenarios of unwanted key holders or a successful burglary to have your locks re-keyed. Re-key them immediately to ensure the safety of your property. If you live in a high-risk burglary environment it is also a great suggestion to get a re-key done once in a while just to increase the safety of not only your valuables but your well-being. Once again, for a rekey why wait until a burglary or attempted burglary has already occurred, reinforce and re-improve the security of your homes or commercial properties with the services provided by BarzzLocks, the professional locksmiths of Kitchener/Waterloo and the surrounding areas.

BarzzLocks also offers free quotes over the phone. Take advantage, call or book your appointment today! We will get it right, the first time. For more information regarding any other of your locksmith needs visit our website!

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There’s no need to stress, we are one of the best!

 If you have to unlock a car, truck, mini-vanBarzzLocks Locksmith Car Lockouts Services can provide quick, affordable locksmith services to you at your location. BarzzLocks Locksmiths are specially trained to be able to unlock almost all kinds of cars with 100% Satisfaction.

We Can Unlock Your Car In Kitchener-Waterloo Right Now!


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