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Master Keying

Do you need a single solution to your commercial key system? Our certified locksmith will create a master keying system which are  able unlock any number of locks that are currently keyed to multiple keys. No more carrying lots of keys on one ring and you can use just carry one key on a daily basis for your business.  Simplify your business security by eliminating the need to replace or make copies of multiple keys, and call Rekey today to master key your commercial property. A quick call 226-899-4427.  “BarzzLocks Commercial Locksmith Keys”

I/C Core Keying

Are you looking for a high level security option for your business? BarzzLocks offers you, our I/C Core Keying allows you to control key copies, and our locksmith can create non-duplicate keys  and number of copies for your commercial property. We can provide peace of mind about the security of your business and easily maintain for your commercial business property. A quick call 226-899-4427.  “BarzzLocks Commercial Locksmith Keys”

Door Services

A variety of elements can effect the functionality of a door and its ability to close or lock properly.  Keep the doors to your business looking safe, welcoming, and functional at all times by calling a Rekey Commercial Lock & Door professional today.  We provide the following solutions to your door problems:

  • Door adjustments and replacements
  • Exit device adjustments and replacements
  • Lever handle repairs and replacements
  • Mortise lock repairs and replacements

Barzzlocks Mobile Locksmith Services:

*Residential Key cutting and duplication
*Emergency Lockouts
*Car Lockouts ONLY 65$